Our Philosophy

We are launching BARK Air because, despite incredible demand from dog people, there is simply no good or convenient solution to traveling long distances with your dog. We recognize and believe that life is better – for you and for your dog – when you are together. We have spent years talking to airlines about how to make flying with your dog more accessible, and because of their resistance, we decided to build the solution ourselves.

The initial launch of BARK Air is only the beginning – our first step in achieving our vision for dog-first travel. We partnered with a jet charter company to meticulously build out an in-flight experience from the ground up that is focused solely on the comfort and happiness of the dog first, and human second. We chose our flight routes based on where we see the most demand today as well as how we can connect parts of the country and the world where driving with your dog simply isn’t a viable option.

Listening to dog people and giving them more ways to spoil their dogs is what drives every business decision we make as we further our mission to make all dogs happy, and it will be no different for the next phase of BARK Air. Our hero video represents our vision for the future - what flying with your dog should be like. We plan to add more routes, more infrastructure, more equipment, more staff, and more over-the-top dog-first amenities unlike anything in the market. Over time, this will allow us to bring ticket prices down, open up routes to new markets, expand the offering to more dog people, and perhaps most importantly - get the airline industry to recognize as clearly as we do the one simple truth that life is better when you’re with your dog. The launch of BARK Air is the start of that journey.

Bottom Line: No dog should fly in a crate. To illustrate this, we made our CEO fly in one for our inaugural flight instead.