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Frequently Asked Questions as answered by Amelia our CFO (Canine Flying Officer)

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Frequently Asked Questions as answered by Amelia our CFO (Canine Flying Officer)

My human heard about a lawsuit with HPN airport - what's the deal?

Dogs can and will continue to fly first aboard BARK Air! On Monday June 10 2024, Westchester County voluntarily dismissed its lawsuit, which at no time impacted BARK Air's operations. BARK Air will continue to operate flights to and from HPN.

Is there any documentation required for my human and I to fly?

Your human needs to have valid identification, so please make sure not to chew their state-issued ID or passports…no matter how delicious they look. Dogs are required to have up-to-date vaccination records. If you don’t know what a vaccination is, it’s best not to ask. Our crew will reach out to your human after they book the flight to gather additional information about your size, any allergies, and your socialization preferences. For your human: International destinations require documents certifying rabies vaccination records and microchip compliance. When flying to the UK, they require proof of tapeworm treatment before taking off. Our BARK Air Concierge will reach out to you to guide you through the process.

Are you planning on adding more routes?

Yes! It’s a big world and we know you want to sniff it all! Current routes we serve are the metro areas of New York City (HPN), Los Angeles (VNY), London (BQH), Paris (LBG), Chicago (MDW), San Francisco (SJC), Phoenix (PHX), and Miami/Fort Lauderdale (FXE). We’ll be adding more domestic and international routes soon. Please let us know if there’s a particular part of the world you want to pee on.

What documentation is required for a London flight?

For your human: Our BARK Air Concierge will reach out to guide you through the process. NY to UK document requirements include USDA certification that confirms rabies vaccine and microchip status and completed tapeworm treatment. UK to NY requires a document stating your pet has not been in a high-risk rabies country for the last 6 months, a Fit to Fly health certificate and up-to-date rabies vaccines.

Am I allowed to bring a human with me?

While BARK Air is an airline for dogs, we recognize that you might want to bring your human with you. After all, you need scratches. So, each dog ticket comes with a pass for one human. Additional passes are available for purchase.

Are human children allowed to fly?

According to a recent national poll, 87% of table scraps are dropped by children. Unfortunately, the same poll shows that children are responsible for 100% of tail pulling. Therefore, we do not allow humans under the age of 70 (10 human years) on BARK Air. Don’t worry though, we have plenty of snacks on board that are even better than table scraps.

What airports do you serve?

Our launch routes will serve are the metro areas of New York City (HPN), Los Angeles (VNY), London (BQH), Paris (LBG), Chicago (MDW), San Francisco (SJC), Phoenix (PHX), and Miami/Fort Lauderdale (FXE). All of these airports are easily accessible to the metro areas around them and are comparatively easy to get to/from vs. the major airports in those metros.

Are there size or breed restrictions for dogs that can fly?

We welcome dogs of all sizes and breeds. In fact, oversized dogs, snub nose dogs, and all the other dogs out there who have never had an opportunity to fly – you are our VIPs (Very Important Pups).

Are there any requirements for dogs to fly?

Wings! Just kidding! That would be cool though, right?  For real, we believe that all dogs are good dogs and we welcome having them aboard. However, the safety, comfort, and happiness of every dog we serve is our top priority. If you’re uncomfortable around other dogs, anxious on planes, or easily triggered by humans (I get it, believe me), this may not be the best service for you. For your human: Your BARK Air Concierge will talk with you about your dog's temperament and sensitivities. There will be spaces in the jet for our shyer pups and every attempt will be made to match up personalities when assigning seats. Safety. Comfort. Happiness.

Are there any requirements for humans?

Personally, I prefer humans who know how to belly rub, but all dog-loving humans are welcome. Humans must be at least 126 years old (18 in human). They must be well-trained and are limited to asking “who’s a good dog?” once per flight.

Will BARK Air require any training for dogs prior to flying?

What sort of question is this?! Humans aren’t required to train to board a plane (though they probably should be). Flying BARK Air is similar to hanging in a dog park, a dog-friendly cafe, or a friend’s house. You should stick together with your human, and socialize however much you like. Additionally, the layout of our planes ensures that if  you need some alone time, you’ll have it. We use our dog intake form to get to know your preferences and create a seating arrangement that is optimal for all dogs and humans. For your human: We know that not all dogs are social and may be a bit nervous about this new situation. Be assured that your dog does not need to socialize with others and is welcome to just settle in with you, should that be their preference.

Will there be separate seating areas for large and small dogs?

Thankfully, no. I love sniffing me a big dog. You know what I mean? For your human: We want to make sure everyone is comfortable! If your pup is triggered by one size or another, be sure to mention it in your dog's intake form with your BARK Air Concierge, so they can manage the best cabin seating plan.

Are carriers or crates required?

For humans, maybe. For dogs, definitely not. If you’re more comfortable in a carrier, you do you and bring one with. We designed this entire experience for dogs first. You’ll be able to sit on laps, seats, beds, or wherever you’re comfortable. If you think you can fly the plane, we’ll talk to the pilot and see what we can do.

What about leashes?

Ugh, the L-Word. Much like seat belt rules on any standard flight, dogs must remain on leash while the plane is taxiing, taking off, landing, or if any turbulence is expected. Otherwise, leashes are up to you and your human as long as you’re under voice control. For your human: You might need a leash if your pup is just dying to socialize with another pup who prefers being in the company of humans. We want to ensure the happiness of all dogs getting their BARK Air wings!

Do my human and I have to go through security like a normal flight?

You do not! Our process is very quick. Travelers should arrive at the airport 1 hour prior to the flight. The check-in and security screening process is done in minutes, and we’ll have a private waiting area for you and other dogs on your flight. The early arrival gives you time to socialize and make friends with the other dogs to avoid any unnecessary first-meet tension on the flight. We will also be serving all humans chef-prepared meals at the airport, to ensure you’re not tempted at the wrong time.

Is there a place to relieve myself on the plane?

There are designated relief areas outside of each plane for you to mark one last time before your soar through the clouds. If you just gotta go when we are up in the air, we'll have some emergency pads ready for you.

What can you bring on board?

We have plenty of beds, blankets, toys, and treats on board. If there’s something else special you want, like, I don’t know, that one blanket that smells like cheese, feel free to have your human bring it.

What can my human bring on board?

Isn’t bringing you enough?! Geesh, humans are needy. Please have your human limit themselves to normal plane stuff. Under no circumstances should they bring squirrels or mailmen. For your human: In travel talk, each person is allowed one 50lb checked bag that will be stowed during travel. Bring your essential in-flight items in one personal bag that you'll have by your seat.

How many dogs and people will be on my flight?

Our planes are designed to fit 14 dogs and their humans, but we will never sell more than 9 tickets. This will ensure that you and your person have ample room to splay.

What if I want to bring more than one human?

Each ticket purchased is for a dog and comes with a complimentary pass for 1 human. We will offer a limited amount of additional human tickets for an additional cost.

Why are these tickets so expensive?

First, money is a construct developed by humans as a means of alienating the worker from the fruits of their labor. Second, yeah, these tickets are pricey! Our goal over time is to bring the ticket cost down significantly as we scale. That way your human will have more money to buy you Christmas sweaters.

How is BARK Air different from other dog-friendly airlines?

 I’m sorry, what other dog-friendly airlines? Seriously, I hope you’ve never been on a regular airline, but let me just say, they put you in a duffle bag and shove you under a seat. We’re members of the family and that’s how they treat us? You don’t see them shoving humans under seats, even though there are a few who I think deserve it. Yes, I’m talking to you, doorbell inventor.

Yes, there are a couple of “dog-tolerant” airlines, which is a good first step, but even those are definitely not dog-friendly. BARK Air was designed from the ground up for us! No other airline lets dogs be dogs. Now, back to thinking about which humans to shove under seats…oh, maybe the firework guy.

Will humans clap when the pilot lands the plane?

I hope not. Clapping scares me.

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